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This Page has Links to Art for Ninja computers and software that is useful. Some stuff at the Links is software, Music or Art that you must buy if you like it. I made this page because I am sick of spending all day trying to find ONE good page with the software I need to try out before I buy it. None of the software, etc. is on my site, just the arrow pointing the way for lost ninja on the net. 

If you have ever tried to download this stuff you will see that it take lots of time and hard work. To fix this problem use GetRight software. There are also lots of other great shareware and freeware products at this site.

  • Tucows. Free and shareware programs.

GameZ Links


If you can NOT take Smut and Sex then DO NOT click on the Gamez or WareZ links!!!!

  • Warnet. GameZ and WareZ: This is a great site but it keeps moving. To find it vote for me on t50 and then look for Warnet. Takes a bit of surfing skill.
  • Full Version WareZ, GameZ, MP3, Cracks, AppZ

Fake Id and other stuff that kids should not look at or play with!!! This means you!

Art Links

Other Links

  • Caution!! - - - Ninja Information - - - Caution!! . Want to know about the ultimate fighting system?