Hello, I Write Web Pages and Software
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This is my home web page and test page

I first made this web site before hotmail even existed! It is very old and state of the art from that time. I have chosen to rairly update it, to keep the old look.
I am Currently writing five sites,
  1. Douglas E Knapp, MSAOM, Massagen in Gelsenkirchen-Buer Deutschland (Germany)
  2. Acupuncture Assocation of The World (a joke)
  3. Coffin Projects
  4. Bujinkan
  5. Creative Commons Film Group; Making free films happen
Check them out and see what your site could look like. Note, all are works in progress!

Click for Bellingham, Washington Forecast

This is my home towns weather.

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The Spider s Apprentice Learn about surfing the net here!

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I use many types of editors and scanners. Any picture you have can be on your site!
Some of the things on this web page are my tests.
For more professional examples, look at the web sites mentioned above. The best one is the AAW site.

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ThisNarcis floweris A flower from the net. You can find a lot of art for your own site on the net.

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Please Email me today.
We can talk about what you want and need out of your site.
Write today and get a great deal.
Douglas E Knapp


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